Trash Gxng X Circle Collective⁣

Trash Gxng X Circle Collective⁣

So gassed to be officially retail stocked with this dope retail store in Lewisham & Dalston 🚀.

Who are Circle Collective (CC)?
A social enterprise focused on helping unemployed young people develop; workplace skills, confidence, positive mindset and self discipline.


Why do we work with them?

Not only are CC our partner where we are retail stocked with them, but we also get to transform their two retail stores in the heart of London to run our creative workshops.

Trash Gxng sales through CC support the employment of our youth as a percentage of each sale through their stores directly goes into the resources to employ those with little to no working experience.


This partnership brings to life our purpose for existing. A relationship of world changers, starting within our very own community.


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