Learn how we're doing our part in shaping the future of our next generation. As we say:

"Every generation after you is the future. If you aren't investing in them...What value are you adding to mankind?"


Image showing text stating the 'problem we see' and an image of young people who attended a workshop wearing a t-shirt they designed

In a digitally enhanced generation, where most of our fun, collaboration & ideation happens on our favourite apps on our phones, how do we create a physical space to educate & challenge a generation to develop their essential soft skills drawing them closer to the job market?

The Gig Economy poster - Circle Collective x Trash Gxng

What happens to the 18yr old who leaves school & wants to earn a living being a creative and balancing doing food deliveries, only to find out they're not guaranteed consistent working hours each week? Circle Collective brought us in to design & deliver this programme in which they're passionately trying to give choices to our youth.


Trash Gxng uniquely places the voice and power into the hands of the youth we educate by co-collaborating with our youth - want to work with us to make the future greater for our next generation?

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What makes our programmes different?

Created by YOU

Our co-created designs with the young people we educate

A voice to be heard

Our co-created designs with the young people we educate

Designs to be proud of

Our co-created designs with the young people we educate

The co-created tangible product

We believe each young person must graduate our programmes with a tangible output to bring to life the application of the things learned. We use the creativity of steetwear to co-create a product they own & can be proud of, share with their peers & personal reminders that they are accomplished individuals with a positive future. 

The think Tank

We create think tanks as a byproduct of giving a voice to every young person. We know how to speak, relate & educate at a level that genuinely engages young people in a way they've not experienced before. Whilst giving them a platform & unique space to talk about the issues in their proximity that they're most passionate about changing. 

The Commercial application

We design & facilitate our creative programmes from start to finish with proven expertise applicable from the ground up, through to the most senior C-suite engagements that our youth can aspire and learn from. We give access and collaborate with present industry leaders to inspire & encourage in our programmes.

Identify YOU

There's less opportunities for us young people to interact face to face, be challenged & learn how to conflict resolute - all essential ingredients to become a well rounded leader & worker in society. The burning question is how do we create a physical space to educate & uplift a generation to develop & grow their skillset drawing them closer to the job market? That's why our creative programmes exist. To challenge & educate young people, while giving them a tangible output they created & can be proud of. 

The Gig Economy X Circle Collective

We're fortunate to be working with the charity Circle collective who asked us to design & deliver the essentials of the true rights & responsibilities of young people going into their first jobs. They recognised a gap where a lot of our young people question and don't understand what really is a 'zero hour contract? How does the 'gig economy' impact me and is it a good or bad thing? How do I get paid as a creative starting out in my journey? These are just some of the burning questions we answer in this workshop series.

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If I knew I'd grow so much as a person I would have been the first to sign up. I've gained so much confidence to speak up, share my thoughts & just be myself.

19, Young person on programme

Everything was fun, interactive and engaging

22, Young person on programme

We all shared our responsibilities and got involved and I loved that, I really liked how we all had
each other in mind

20, Young person on programme


Hear what our young people have to say about our impact
Educated through our programmes
Positive outcomes for young people
Engaging sessions & great delivery
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