Fast fashion at it again...
That time the tortoise beat the hare


Clueless meme for fast fashion rejection

Keeping up with the latest trends is actually long. Yeah. We said it.

There’s this invisible constant pressure to switch up our wardrobes constantly. Indulging in the world of instant-gratification requires cheap, speedy manufacturing and shipping, & that’s how Boo*%@ - cough - stay making their millions; FAST FASHION BABY.

Fast Fashion, not to be confused with Fast and Furious, the 10-movie media franchise (can you believe they’re stretching it into double figures?…We move).

Essentially we're talking about the clothing industry model focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing. Maybe the only similarity between this industry and the movie franchise is that both spawn newer versions of themselves in a click of a finger, and as soon as the new collection comes out, the older ones are forgotten.

Crying man meme

Well, if fast fashion helps me get trendy fits and saves me some p’s over buying high end products, what’s the problem? 

Unfortunately, 97 percent of fast fashion is created in developing nations with lax labour regulations and human rights safeguards, with a furter 80 percent of the apparel often made by young women, who often work in deplorable circumstances and are paid just enough to live. Sustainable or ethical fashion brands are expensive and often out of our league when it comes to budget. So what’s a more long term solution? 

The poster for the

How can we paint the world green, without littering it with fast fashion? 

Listen, nobody is telling you to feel guilty for spending on banging clothes (we’d be hypocrites if we did). Nor should you feel bad for wanting to keep up with the trends. Let’s keep it real, often times sustainable/ethical fashion brands are expensive and often out of our league when it comes to budget.

There are solutions to having the best of both worlds though:


1. Do you even Thrift, my guy? - Thriting lowers the impact of the things we consume as we're reusing things that have already been produced and we are diverting them from landfills. Thrifting may be good for the environment and for our wallets, but not everybody is down to smell like the other x2 people who wore it (nothing beats that scent of new clothes, right?)

2. An even more long-term solution? Switch to slow fashion brands like us, Trash Gxng. Slow fashion being a sister movement of sustainable fashion, emcompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing. At Trash Gxng, we only want to produce clothing CREATED BY YOU in our creative & educational workshops. Want to get better quality clothing & be the one who co-designed it with us? It’s a win-win that we love to see: click here

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