Empowering a generation

Empowering a generation

We want to be THE outlet for our generation to be real & authentic about the biggest challenges that impact them on a day to day.

That's why we run creative workshops to empower our generation to tackle the biggest issues that impact them.

How many youth have mentors or even a real outlet to be straight about the topics that impact them most in this digital world? That's why we run creative workshops, to give our youth a chance to Talk Real Authentic SH*t. 


Every generation after you is the FUTURE. If you aren’t investing in them, what value are you adding to mankind?


Your sibling, cousin and even best friend carries the weight of this millennial pressure to be accessible to all people at all times. What that doesn't mean is we learn know how to switch off from this digital world & get real life support in a room full of their peers on the topics we're most passionate about.

"Life lessons from the classroom we want to be in"


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