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World changers

Empowering you

Learn how we're doing our part in shaping the future of our next generation. As we say:

"Every generation after you is the future. If you aren't investing in them...What value are you adding to mankind?"


Hear what our young people have to say about our impact
Creative workshops

In each of our workshops we bring a creative edge that gets our people engaged & locked in to learning. From using the apps & tools they use on a daily basis, to teaching them how to design a social-conscious tee, all the way through to doing a whole days workshop at a print club with our charity partners (see dope Polaroids).

Learning should be creative & engaging - & that's what we do.

The youth speak

If I knew I'd grow so much as a person I would have been the first to sign up. I've gained so much confidence to speak up, share my thoughts & just be myself.

19, Young person on programme

Everything was fun, interactive and engaging

22, Young person on programme